Money Habitudes Online

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This is the online version of the award winning deck of Money Habitudes cards with the addition of an in depth, individual Client Habitude Report. Fast and fun, the process takes about 10 minutes. The statements and the Client Habitude Report break down the individual financial habits and attitudes through their unique combination of six money personality categories: Giving, Planning, Status, Security, Carefree and Spontaneous.

Doing the online activity feels like playing a game rather than taking a test.

  • Easy to use: Pop-up windows provide all necessary instruction. 
  • Flexible: Used in face-to-face meetings/classes and virtual settings with individuals, couples, classes, groups and conferences with people at all income and education levels.
  • How-to: Read 54 statements and click on whether that's me/not me/sometimes me. Takes 5-10 minutes. See demo.
  • Immediate results and a quick report. 
  • Immediate in-depth, individualized report based on your answers and includes Next Steps suggestions. 
  • Easily send codes to play: Account administrators can use their dashboard to send individual and group codes, see who has started and completed the game, and  access the quick report, full report and professional report (if ordered) immediately and in the future. 

Each game is single use. Order individual assessments and get a discount for bulk orders. Or purchase an annual membership, to get even more value. 

Once your order is processed, you can immediately access your account and begin to distribute games and play. Send codes to individual clients or students – or create a group code for a meeting, an entire class or a conference. If you're working virtually, send the code to attendees ahead of time as an assignment or include the link in the chat room for them to do it in real time.

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