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 Money Habitudes is the leading money personality profile. It provides instant insights to understand your money behaviors and makes it easy to start conversations about money.  This is the perfect tool to help people recognize their underlying financial biases and motivations to make real behavior changes. This is the online version of the award winning deck of Money Habitudes cards. The money personality profile is used by financial professionals, educators, coaches and counselors working with money related issues.

The money personality insights are useful for financial planners, financial educators, financial coaches and counselors, as well as for educators, therapists and career counselors. The money personality assessments are available in bulk sets for professionals. After ordering a professional pack of quizzes, you can send  codes to individual clients or students – or create a group code for a meeting, an entire class or conference. If you're working virtually, send the code to your attendees ahead of time or include the link in the chat room for them to do it in real time.
Unlike the physical cards, Money Habitudes Online gives you a detailed, individualized money personality report. Fast and fun, the process takes about 10 minutes. The questions and the in-depth individual report help you understand your financial habits and attitudes through your unique combination of six money personality types: Giving, Planning, Status, Security, Carefree and Spontaneous. Doing the online activity feels like playing a game rather than taking a test.

  • Easy to use: Intuitive and pop-up windows provide all necessary instruction. 
  • Flexible: Used in face-to-face meetings/classes and virtual settings with individuals, couples, classes, groups and conferences.
  • How-to: Read 54 statements and click on whether that's me/not me/sometimes me. Takes 5-10 minutes.
  • Immediate results and a quick report. 
  • Immediate in-depth, individualized report based on your answers and includes Next Steps suggestions. 
  • Easily send codes to play: Account administrators can use their dashboard to send individual and group codes, see who has started and completed the game, and  access the quick report, full report and professional report (if ordered) immediately and in the future. 
  • Optional add-ons for administrators: the professional's report for one-on-one and couple's work has the responses to each statement; an excel research report for analyzing your group's results; anonymous play for an additional level of confidentiality, and withhold the individual report (for marketing or debriefing with a professional).
  • Student pays: This no-cost administrator's account is for higher education. This account allows you to distribute individual and group codes and access reports. The student pays a discounted free with a credit card before playing the game.
  • Standard branding: Brand the sign-in screen and report cover with your logo and text.

Money Habitudes is a great money conversation starter and money personality test. A fun activity that makes it easy for people to talk about money. People quickly come to understand how their spending habits, attitudes and values affect their financial decisions, used and trusted by many professionals, including financial educators, financial planners, therapists, marriage counselors and relationship coaches and career coaches among others.

Money Habitudes is written at a 5th-grade reading level. This makes reading faster for everyone and can be used with low-literacy audiences.

Used by individuals, couples and groups, Money Habitudes can be used in a variety of ways:

  • A financial ice-breaker or money conversation starter; typically 15 minutes.
  • A stand-alone activity of 30-90 minutes. Each person completes a simple sorting process that takes 10-15 minutes and then reviews the results. The online card sort quickly provides a powerful understanding of one’s money personality type with discussion questions 
  • A module within a larger class or series. This may be marriage retreats, financial planning, communication skills, budgeting and financial education classes, life skills, and career training.

What people like about Money Habitudes:

  • Easy to learn, easy to teach, and easy to understand.
  • An interactive alternative to lectures, workbooks and PowerPoint, which makes using them more fun and engaging.
  • Spur important conversations about the interaction between lifestyle, values and finances that make subsequent skills lessons more relevant.
  • Complement other financial and relationship education programs.



    Money Habitudes Online is a great way to understand one's financial habits and attitudes and how they affect spending, saving, giving and career choices. It's also important because it also helps you understand how you relate to other people around money and how money affects your relationships.


    The insights from Money Habitudes Online can also be helpful to individuals and couples. Doing the activity is fun and the report is simple and straightforward. It also includes Next Steps with suggested strategies if you want to change any of your behaviors. It's a great way to understand one's self and other people when it comes to money – and it starts productive, non-threatening conversations about money.