Counselor's Special


This special package includes four tools to help counselors and therapists work with clients around money issues:

Now, save 30% by purchasing the materials together and get a complete toolkit to better communicate with clients regarding money issues.

With two decks of Money Habitudes cards, you can do the fun, hands-on activity with one or two people (e.g., spouses, siblings, etc.). It helps people understand their habits, attitudes and emotions around money, including family of origin influences. It starts great, non-judgmental conversations that often naturally lead to goal-setting, conflict resolution strategies or budgeting.

Although basic instructions and interpretation cards are included in each deck of cards, the Guide for Professionals offers significantly more information about using and getting value from the cards.

The workbook can be given to clients to fill in while working with them, or as a take-home piece to do on their own.

Finally, Bringing Money Into the Conversation, is a unique how-to book written specifically for therapists and counselors. A quick, practical read, it's filled with tons of helpful hints and tips, 20 icebreakers, activities, handouts and forms to better broach the taboo topic of money. It also contains specific advice from noted counseling experts about how to work with specific populations, including:

  • Unreasonable Risk Takers (Ted Klontz, PhD)
  • Wealthy Clients (Szifra Birke, MS, LMHC)
  • Trauma Survivors (Donna Bundy, LCSW)
  • the Working Poor (Saundra Davis, MSFP)
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