Money Habitudes Train-the-Practitioner 3 Hour Workshop for 10


Money Habitudes Train-the-Practitioner 3 Hour Workshop for 10

Delve deep into the world of financial behavior and understanding with our exclusive Money Habitudes Train-the-Practitioner Workshop. Tailored for a group of 10, this immersive program is designed to provide professionals with the tools, techniques, and insights to effectively use and integrate Money Habitudes into their practice.

Key Features:

  1. Live Virtual Training: A comprehensive 3-hour live virtual session conducted by a certified Money Habitudes facilitator. This interactive session is crafted to give participants a deep understanding of the Money Habitudes approach, its application, and its impact on financial behavior.
  2. Complete Suite of Products: Each participant receives a full suite of Money Habitudes products. This all-inclusive toolkit ensures that every practitioner is equipped with the necessary materials to integrate Money Habitudes seamlessly into their services. (Refer to included products here)
  3. Ongoing Support via Community Platform: Post-workshop, participants can avail themselves of continued support from our expert team through our dedicated Community Platform. Whether it's a query, a clarification, or a deeper discussion on implementation, our team is at your disposal on this platform, ensuring the workshop's teachings are effectively applied in real-world scenarios.

Who is it for?

Financial planners, therapists, counselors, educators, and any professional aiming to delve deeper into the realm of financial behaviors and seeking to offer a more holistic service to their clients.