Money Habitudes 2 - Pre-printed Student Worksheets (5 sets of 6 different worksheets)


Money Habitudes 2® is a quick program introducing vulnerable youth to the non-technical, human side of money – a critical element of successful money management. The three active lessons explore how hidden attitudes affect the ways people – especially those with few financial resources – actually behave around money. 

A companion to the Money Habitudes 2 for At-Risk Youth instructor's guide, the set of tear-off, pre-printed worksheets includes 25 copies each of the 6 individual worksheets. The worksheets include:

  • Activity 1.1: Where does the money go? (Cash and expense tracking.)
  • Activity 1.3: What is it really about? (Understanding root issues around money conflicts.)
  • Activity 1.5: Live and learn. (Personal anecdotes about money experiences.)
  • Activity 2.2: Understanding your Money Habitudes. (Follow up to doing the card sorting activity to understand your money personality and influences.)
  • Activity 3.1: Relationship Habitudes. (How habits and attitudes affect the people with whom you're closest.)
  • Activity 3.2: SMART goal guide. (Template for setting SMART goals.) 

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