Branded Money Habitudes Card Decks (price shown per deck)

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Money Habitudes cards are a great money conversation starter and the leading money personality profile. A fun, hands-on tool, the activity makes it easy for people to talk about money. Plus, people quickly come to understand the habits and attitudes that influence their spending, saving and giving decisions. The engaging cards are used and trusted by many professionals, including financial educators, planners, therapists, marriage counselors, educators and career counselors.

This is designed for adults who are managing their own money. Because it's written at a 5th-grade reading level, it makes reading faster for everyone and can be used with low-literacy audiences.

Used by individuals, couples and groups, the award-winning cards can be used in a variety of ways:  

  • A financial ice-breaker or money conversation starter; typically 5-15 minutes
  • A stand-alone activity of 30-90 minutes. Each person completes a simple sorting process that takes 10-15 minutes and then interprets the cards. The card sort quickly provides a powerful understanding of one's money personality type. The green instruction card provides a guide for interpreting the results. Suggestions for next steps is also included. 
  • One module within a multi-module curriculum or presentation series. This may be marriage retreats, financial planning, financial education classes, life skills, relationship programs, youth camps and career training.

What people like about Money Habitudes cards:

  • Easy to learn, easy to teach, and easy to understand.
  • An interactive alternative to lectures, workbooks and PowerPoint, which makes using them more fun and engaging.
  • Spur important conversations about the interaction between lifestyle, values and finances that make subsequent skills lessons more relevant.
  • Complement other financial and relationship education programs.

Each deck is a complete toolkit and includes:

  • 3 blue sorting cards: Side 1 has Thinking Points/Discussion Ideas and Side 2 are the sorting cards for playing Money Habitudes solitaire.
  • 1 green instructional card: Instructions for the most popular, Money Habitudes Solitaire, plus other options to use the cards. 
  • 8 yellow interpretation cards: These provide valuable clues about subconscious thoughts, feelings and patterns influencing financial behaviors. Two general cards provide an overview. Each of the six Habitudes has its own interpretation card which includes the message, a description of how others may see a person with that Habitude, advantages and disadvantages. On the back of each card are suggestions for next steps if that Habitude is being overused. (Guidebook for Professionals are also available to provide more information and options.) 
  • 54 white statement cards: Each of the six Habitudes has nine corresponding cards. Each is coded on the back with a colorful picture to identify the money personality type (Habitude) with which it is associated.

For best results, use one deck of cards per person so everyone has his or her own money personality assessment results. Therefore, use two decks for a couple or 10 decks for a class of 10 people.

People like to keep them to do with friends and family. However, if you are reusing them with others, the durable laminated cards can be used over and over. Clear plastic containers preserve help preserve the boxes.

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