Withhold full report for Money Habitudes Online


Great feature for practitioners and marketing.

Planners, coaches and counselors often have clients play Money Habitudes on their own time before meeting.  Some professionals prefer to withhold the in depth individualized report until they can get meet and discuss it together.  After playing Money Habitudes, clients will immediately see the quick report with their results and a brief interpretation based on the number of statements identified as "that's me".  Professionals share the report by simply forwarding it from their dashboard.  

As a marketing tool, potential clients get their quick report with results.  They only receive the full individual report in exchange for their contact information or consent to be added to a mailing list. In some cases, they only receive it when they schedule or meet with the professional.

NOTE: If this feature is purchased, all games associated with this email address will have the report withheld. This includes clients who have played on your account in the past and want to retrieve their report again at a later date. If you also want to use Money Habitudes Online in situations where clients can immediately access their full reports, please open another account with a different email address.