Professional's Special - Guide for Professionals and Choice of two Money Habitudes Card Decks


The Professional's Special is designed for those who work with money, typically either in financial education, financial planning, career counseling, relationship education and those doing marriage counseling or relationship work. It includes two decks of Money Habitudes cards so the activity can be done with two people at the same time. Although the cards are both a money conversation starter and a money personality assessment, they feel more like a fun card game. They are an excellent ice breaker and often lead to meaningful, non-threatening financial discussions.

Although each deck of cards contains instructions and self-assessment information, the Professional's Guide offers a wealth of additional information. It provides background on how people develop their financial habits and attitudes as well as a number of activities, exercises and examples for the cards. It also provides much more information about each of the money personality types and behaviors associated with each – as well as suggested next steps.

It's a great way to get started and you can always order more cards as you need them for programs and to give to your clients or attendees to keep.

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