Bringing Money Into the Conversation and Five Money Habitudes Card Decks


Perfect for financial practitioners looking for a comprehensive view of Money Habitudes’ card decks. 

What’s Included:

  • Bringing Money into the Conversation
  • 5 Money Habitude card decks
    • 2 Money Habitudes Adult Decks
    • 1 Money Habitudes II for Young Adults
    • 1 Money Habitudes Teens
    • 1 Hábitos Monetarios- Spanish

Regardless of your professional title, if you are counseling people or facilitating groups as they focus on lifecycle events or issues related to career, relationships or personal challenges, this is the guide you want. Talking about a client’s relationship with money can provide amazing insights for you and your clients. Plus, if you are looking to differentiate yourself, bringing money into the conversation might be the ticket!

The goal of the book is simple: To provide tools and tips to make it easy and comfortable to bring money into the conversation with your clients. Here’s a sample of what is included:

  • Twenty Conversation Starters (reproducible handouts provided)
  • Tips for bringing money into the conversation for different populations by ten experts in their field including the working with the wealthy, the working poor, trauma survivors, at-risk youth and unreasonable risk-takers.
  • How to simplify working with numbers
  • Who to refer to if financial advise is needed.