Anonymous Option for Money Habitudes Online


This is a one time charge for the account associated with this email address. All games distributed going forward will be anonymous.

Concerned about client/student confidentiality?  No problem! With this option no identifying information or email is required to play Money Habitudes and see reports. The user will only sign-in with a name, initials or an assigned identification number to be included on the report cover.  The account administrator will have immediate and ongoing access to the reports.  Anonymous users can save their reports, but they cannot return at a later date to retrieve them from the site. Normally emails are part of the sign-in process only for the user to return to play if interrupted or to retrieve the report at a later date. These options will not be available when played anonymously. Sign-in emails are never shared or used to contact individuals. The administrator can simply sign-in to the account to view or forward the reports.

NOTE: If this feature is purchased, all games associated with this email address on the administrator's account will be anonymous from this point forward. If you already have an account, previous users can still access their games with their email and password. If you want some client's/students to be able to access their reports at a later date, please open an account with a different email address.



One time fee:
No email or identifying information required