Money Habitudes 2 - Small Group Pack - financial lesson plans for at-risk youth

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The Dibble Institute
Jessica Pool, M.S., Syble Solomon, M.Ed., Evan Gimpel, M.A.
The instructor's guide contains lesson plans to help people understand how their financial habits and attitudes affect them.

Money Habitudes 2 is a quick program introducing vulnerable youth to the non-technical, human side of money – a critical element of successful money management. The three active lessons explore how hidden attitudes affect the ways people – especially those with few financial resources – actually behave around money. 

The Small Group Set includes:

Topics include:

  • Why money management is important in our lives.
  • Different approaches to handling money: spontaneous, practical, carefree, security, generous, and more.
  • The symbolism of money: as a sign of power, status, love, safety, independence, loyalty and more.
  • The influence of family, media, culture, and life events.
  • The advantages and challenges of different approaches to money.
  • The interplay between money and relationships.

A key goal is helping at-risk youth identify their personal financial patterns – and why these matter. The award-winning Money Habitudes® card game, integrated into the lessons, makes the process fun and engaging.

Money Habitudes 2 is written specifically for at-risk or low resource youth in community programs, including pregnancy prevention, teen parenting, and workforce development. The scenarios are realistic, reflecting the students’ limited resources and lack of financial know-how.

Ideal for grant-funded programs, Money Habitudes 2® is practical, affordable, and easy to teach. Course materials include a teacher’s manual with 3 lessons and 7 reusable card decks (one per student).