Couple's Special

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Couple's Special



  • Two decks of Money Habitudes cards
  • Couple's Guide (all instructions included to use and interpret the cards and discuss them)
  • Gift packaging (optional) 

The concise and informative guide and game-like activity make it easy for couples to address the emotionally charged, very personal and difficult topic of difficult money in a positive, productive, non-judgmental way. 

Who should use the Money Habitudes Couples Set?

  • Couples at any stage in their relationship who want (1) an easy, fun way to have positive, productive conversations about this very personal and private topic of money and (2) to gain insights into how and why they complement or conflict with each other.
  • Pre-marital and marriage enrichment programs to provide an engaging and insightful activity related to money. They are recommended to supplement programs such as PREP, PREPARE, 
  • Marriage mentors to make it comfortable to initiate important conversations related to finances.
  • Counselors working with couples in distress or planning to get divorced to make it easier to address this emotionally charged and very difficult topic in a more neutral and engaging way.

Why should couples use Money Habitudes cards?
Money is consistently identified as the number one cause of conflict in relationships so being able to talk about it positively and productively can make a significant difference for a couple.  Money Habitudes are the automatic habits and attitudes underlying all our money-related decisions and actions. When two sets of Money Habitudes get together, the results can be rewarding ... or challenging!  Whether you're considering making a long-term commitment or have been together for many years, Money Habitudes cards can help you have more productive, positive conversations about money topics such as how you save, spend, earn, invest, go into debt and give away money.

Couples use this guide:
  • To provide a structured approach for more in-depth discussions about their learnings from doing the Money Habitudes activity
  • To do the activity on their own at any stage in their relationship.  It makes it easy and nonthreatening to talk about money and discover how their habits and attitudes related to money complement or conflict.
  • As a self-study assignment or in-class activity in premarital courses and marriage enrichment programs.
  • With marriage mentors to initiate conversations that are considered the most common cause of conflict in relationships and make it comfortable for everyone to share their stories.

The Couples Special makes a great gift for couples at any stage of their relationship, but is especially well suited as a wedding, engagement, or shower gift. Why? Because money is typically cited as the number one source of arguments for couples and those arguments are the best indicator of divorce. Not surprisingly, couples often don’t feel comfortable talking about money. In fact, many therapists say that couples find it easier to talk about sex versus the even more difficult topic of money. Help couples talk about money and it makes the rest of the relationship better!



Why do couples use Money Habitudes cards and what do they get from the activity?

  • Because it feels like a social game, people relax and engage around what is a very taboo topic.
  • The tactile, hands-on card game format really sets people at ease and has been especially well received by men.
  • Because so many of the statements open the door to further explanation and storytelling, the activity offers couples a great way to get to know each other and their receive backgrounds even beyond simple financial influences; it’s an excellent date night activity.
  • Couples see that they have legitimate differences in how they view and use money and they come to see and respect the other's perspective. They also often recognize unseen strengths in their partner.
  • Couples develop greater trust and understanding of one another.
  • Couples find that they improve their communication and understanding elsewhere in the relationship because money touches on – and is often a proxy for – so many other important issues like power, control, freedom, status, generosity.
  • People find that they improve their communication and understanding elsewhere in their lives (with kids, a spouse, a business partner, etc.) because money touches on – and is often a proxy for – so many other important issues like power, control, freedom, status, generosity.
  • It gives people a non-threatening forum to reveal embarrassments, secrets (like mounting credit card debt) and perceived slights around money that otherwise would remain bottled up.
  • Couples equip themselves with a common, non-threatening language for the short- and long-term, rather than resort to destructive name-calling.
  • They put a plan in place to manage their money better. That may mean feeling comfortable to make a budget, share duties like paying the bills or meeting with a financial planner.

This package includes:

  • 2 decks of Money Habitudes cards
  • 1 Guide for Couples
  • Gift packaging (optional)